Cambridge (Dorchester) Post 91

Post History

After two unsuccessful attempts to organize a Post of The American Legion in Cambridge, Maryland, Dorchester Post #91 was chartered on March 23, 1926 through the efforts of our first Commander, Col. W.S. Valentine, U.S.A., Retired. From 1926 to 1955 the home of the Post and Unit was located on High Street, which is now the current property of the Dorchester County Library. 

On the night of February 11, 1955, the Post home was totally destroyed by fire leaving us without a homebase. While considering our options, the Post rented the "Old Grill" located in the Cambridge Hotel as temporary accommodations. But at the same time, it was jointly agreed that a new permanent location must be found in the city where members could easily access the Post. 

In October 1955, the Ensor Building, then known as The Ford Motor Company, became available and in November 1955 the Post purchased the land for $60,000.00. This is what we know today as our present homebase located at 98 Sunburst Highway, Cambridge, MD.

The Post was continuously remodeled and renovated throughout the years until the misfortune of another fire that serendipitously devastated our domicile once again, a little over 61 years after the first inferno. On May 3, 2016, due to a lightning strike the night before, Post 91 suffered damage in excess of $2 Million dollars. Leaving us, once again, with the quandary of finding another temporary homebase. 

Not easily discouraged, it was soon decided that the Post would rent the waterfront property known as Sailwinds for our short-term headquarters.  Soon thereafter, our provisional abode was affectionately referred to by some as, " The Foxhole".  And in June 2018, approximately two years, one month and three weeks later, we moved back into our beautifully renovated building with a serene view of the Choptank River.